Yabba Yabba

Brainchild of actress/radio presenter and thespian Judith Jacobs, Yabba Yabba is a monthly live chat show which takes place at the Dugdale Theatre in Enfield North London.

Our home-grown British talents are celebrated in these intimate interviews in which behind the scenes information is often exchanged because of Judith’s unique relationships with her guests and relaxed interview style allowing the audience to feel like a fly on the wall and privy to a conversation between mates on a sofa.

The audience are encouraged to be interactive by writing questions on slips of paper, which are then handed to Judith mid flow. Her seamless and effortless ability to incorporate these questions into her flow of conversation connecting the audience to the guest using herself as their mouthpiece is testimony to her natural talent as a broadcaster and being a great conversationalist.

With sponsored giveaways by Aquablend (a water infusion bottle company) and competition questions linked to the individual guests, these early evening events are fun, entertaining and insightful.

Yabba Yabba

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