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Mission Statement:

This site has two main goals at its core:

– To promote and document the presence of Black People in Britain and
– To leave an aspirational trail for a younger generation to follow.


Since coming to this country, Black people have made significant contributions to the rebuilding of post war Britain. They are effecting change, which is directly linked to the multicultural integrated Britain we know today. aims to be the number one hub for interaction with black businesses and business owners. It also serves as a guide to African-Caribbean lifestyles in Britain, for visitors and locals alike. We give recognition to the multiple and varied activities of Black people in Britain. As well as being a directory of trailblazers and celebrities, we encourage the achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs. highlights the invisible movers and shakers and offers a multi-media platform for you to connect to an innovative professional social network.

This is your definitive guide to:

  • Who the Black Brits are and where to find them.
  • What’s going on and where it’s happening.
  • Who’s on top and who’s on the rise.
  • The hot spots and the can’t be missed.
  • The got-to-get-to and the must have gadget guide to life in Britain as a Black Brit.