Enough Is Enough – Peace On Our Streets March 7th May

Due to the tragic and alarming rise in the number of stabbing and shootings on the streets of our capital; a group of mothers came together to organise a demonstration on Sunday 7th May to proclaim “Enough Is Enough!”

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Orchestrated via social media and the always, effective, word & mouth grapevine, the march was well attended by hundreds of people concerned by the same issues. Mothers, fathers alongside sons and daughters equipped with photo placards baring the images of bereaved loved ones, lost to this violent epidemic, rallied on The Common at Angel, Islington where speeches were heard from various remaining family members and Leroy Logan ( Ex Police Commissioner and head of the Black Police Association) Members from the main stream media where also in attendance as the sun shone down but unfortunately very little, if any, of their footage made it to main stream outlets as these crimes are not yet effecting the people in the areas where decisions are made.


Orderly and peacefully the demonstrators were led down the main street chanting “Peace on our Streets; Enough is Enough” and “Put down the knife; Enough is Enough”. The march snaked its way through the unsuspecting back streets of Islington and Hackney, breaking the neighbourhood’s tranquil Sunday silence, till it ended up on the steps of the Town Hall and joined up with many more people who were unable to meet at the starting point or find them on route. A couple who came out with their two daughters to support, were so adamant to attend that they hired a couple of Boris Bikes to catch up with the procession and pedalled alongside, with their baby girls in the cross-bar luggage compartment to the end.


To a now growing audience, on Hackney’s most central street, more parents took to the mic and shared their stories of how they have been effected by the violence, with Dianne Abbott MP making an appearance to say a few words. Her short address to the crowd got mixed reviews, as some felt she was only there as we are on the run up to an election, where as others felt it was a lot more sincere seeing as she is still a Hackney resident, but first and foremost a mother.


Some believe the government should do more to help but most agree that it’s for us, as parents, to help ourselves. We should know where our children are and what they are doing. We should know who their friends are and where possibly get to know their families. We shouldn’t allow our 13 and 14year old children to be wandering the streets after dark with no destination or reason for being there and we must question our children before they leave the family home not after the police have picked them up.

Fall-back excuses such as, Single parentage, Lack of a father figure, Lack of education, Mis-education in schools, Community Centre closures, poverty and many more seem to be exactly that. . EXCUSES!!

It’s for us as parents, who know what’s right from wrong to pass these fundamental disciplines down to our children as this situation is getting out of control. There is a case to argue that our children are the direct product of the environment from which they come as there are very few children who are actually born bad, but it can also be said that the Devil will ALWAYS make use of idle hands so lets find something for them to do. Since this peace march on Sunday afternoon, there have been two more stabbings on consecutive days for which now one yet has been arrested or questioned. We know as parents that the onus is on us to guide our children’s behaviour but for the innocent ones caught up in the cross-fire it’s for the government and police, with all their high tech, infa-red, catch a vehicle licence plate from a hundred feet away CCTV camera equipment to do something more about bringing these perpetrators to justice.

Enough is Enough!

Click on link to view footage.